Crypto Currency Subreddits

BTCalienLast Thursday Reddit announced that it will be accepting Bitcoin as payment for Reddit Gold. In light of the recent exposure from Reddit I’m taking some time to revisit the crypto currency subreddits as they are growing both in number and in size. While r/Bitcoin is right up there with and the Bitcoin Stack Exchange in terms of activity, many of the lesser known subreddits could use some exposure. Given the recent increase in Bitcoin mining difficultly I’ve included subreddits for lesser known crypto currencies as well. These other crypto currencies are expected to become an attractive option to CPU and GPU miners as Bitcoin ASICS come online.

Bitcoin Subreddits

r/Bitcoin – 15,921 readers

With 15, 786 readers r/Bitcoin is the 715th largest subreddit according to After the recent reddit gold announcement and other positive Bitcoin news it isn’t unusual to see 200 or more users there at a time.

r/BitMarket – 1,395 Bitcoin traders

The second largest Bitcoin related subreddit, r/BitMarket is a place to sell your stuff for Bitcoin. With ASICs coming online, it might not be a bad place to look for a good deal on a graphics card in the next few weeks or months.

r/BitcoinMining – 1,324 readers

If you’re interested in getting involved in the more technical side of Bitcoin this may be a good place to start. Bitcoin mining is the process of using your computer’s resources or specialized hardware such as ASICs to help run the Bitcoin network and earn Bitcoin.

r/MtRed – 878 miners

MtRed stands for ‘Mining Team Reddit’ and is a Reddit oriented Bitcoin mining pool. You can check out the actual mining pool at They have a decent enough hash rate that you’ll see fairly consistent payouts.

r/MtGox – 488 readers

MtGox is the largest and most established Bitcoin exchange. Consequently, r/MtGox is focused on discussion about Bitcoin trading. It is not all that active with the most recent post being one month old.

r/BitcoinTip – 428 readers

The Bitcoin tip bot is probably the best way to spread the use of Bitcoin through Reddit. The bot allows Redditors to tip other Redditors with Bitcoin and could serve as a model for how Bitcoin can spread through other forums.

r/BitcoinMagazine – 266 readers

Bitcoin magazine is likely the biggest, if not the only print publication dedicated to Bitcoin. If you’d like to discuss their articles or blog posts this is the place to go.

r/Jobs4Bitcoins – 65 subscribers

Need a website built or a logo designed? Jobs for Bitcoin lets you hire other redditors for Bitcoin or work for Bitcoin yourself.

r/Games4Bitcoins – 27 readers

Games for Bitcoin is pretty self-explanatory; trade Bitcoin for games with other Redditors.

r/MutualistsForBitcoin 15 readers

Basically this is a subreddit for mutualists that would like to see Bitcoin transform the financial, political and economic sphere. It’s new.

Other Crypto Currency Subreddits

r/Namecoin – 540 Readers

Namecoin is a decentralized naming system that was based off of the the Bitcoin protocol. While it showed promise for awhile its use has begun to drop off. Many mining pools merge mine Namecoin with Bitcoin.

r/Ripplers – 197 Readers

In the words of its own website “Ripple is an open source person to person payment network”. R/Ripplers is a community of those that use it.

r/Litecoin – 168 readers

Litecoin is another digital person to person currency that is based off of Bitcoin. It uses a different encryption algorithm and has slight differences in reward and total number of coins. It currently trades on Btc-e for around 7 cents (USD) to one Litecoin.

r/Terracoin – 3 readers

Terracoin is very similar to Bitcoin with a few changes in block size and confirmation time. Terracoin is one of the youngest and thus newest crypto currencies.

Related SubReddits

r/Crypto – 8,175 readers

If you have an interest in cryptography then r/Crypto is a great resource. Also, if you have an interest in Bitcoin, Litecoin or any of the other crypto currencies then you might enjoy learning more about the cryptography they’re based on.

While this may not be an exhaustive list of crypto currency subreddits it does cover quite a few. I decided to excluded the NSFW subreddits. However, if that’s your thing you can find a listing of them on r/Bitcoin. If I’ve missed your favorite crypto related subreddit comment below and I’ll check it out.

 Update: Thanks to Redditor Free_Alice you can check out this multiReddit of all the mentioned subreddits!