Best Bitcoin Services

BitcoinBitcoin is on the rise after a slew of announcements from major internet communities and companies. Kim Dotcom announced that Mega would be accepting Bitcoin, Reddit Gold can now be purchased with Bitcoin and of course WordPress accepts Bitcoin. However, there are quite a few lesser known services as well. Here’s a list of some of the online services that are embracing the cash of the internet.


Bitcoin has seen a bit of an influx of new users since WordPress announced that it would accept Bitcoin in November, 2012. Citing that PayPal blocks acces by over 60 countries, WordPress decided to accept Bitcoin.




It’s not all that surprising that Kim Dotcom opted for Bitcoin acceptance. Given the recent raid on his home in New Zealand and the seizure of his assets Bitcoin may have just a bit of appeal. Mega pro is available via BitVoucher.


Reddit AlienReddit

On February 14th Reddit announced that they were making Reddit Gold available for purchase through Bitcoin. Those Redditors that frequent the Bitcoin subreddit have been expecting this for awhile now. For the Reddit team, getting some of the over 16,000 subscribers to r/Bitcoin could be a nice little bump in revenue.


Hosting, Domain Registrars, and VPNs

For an exhaustive list check the Bitcoin wiki trade page. There are a lot of companies in this category and even rumors that larger ones like NameCheap will be accepting Bitcoin in the near future. There is even a site dedicated to reviewing and finding the best Bitcoin hosting. Here are just a few of the available options.

HotServers LLC

Hot servers offer a pretty wide range of dedicated servers with DDOS protection. In this bitcointalk thread they discuss their specialization in gaming servers and some of their available options.


WhatTheServer offers pretty competitive virtual hosting packages and uses WalletBit for Bitcoin payments.


Blue Tree Host is one of the few hosting services that has the option of listing their pricing in Bitcoin instead of US Dollars or Euros.


BTCWebHost offers most of the features you’d expect for affordable hosting with hosting packages starting at $5.


They haven’t implemented an automated Bitcoin payment system but will set up invoices for all their services if you place your order and contact their sales team.

More Services


They offer email hosting and just announced that they’ll be accepting Bitcoin as payment for their premium service. This service allows you to use their hosting with your registered domain(s).


If you’re not familiar with CJDNS, it is essentially a new networking protocol built on top of existing IPV6 infrastructure. CJDNSCloud is a service that creates a virtual machine for you and connects it to the Hyperboria network. I’ll be posting more on this service in the near future, once I get a chance to play around with it a bit more.

This is by no means a complete list of services that accept Bitcoin but should get you started. For more you can browse the full list on the Bitcoin trade wiki or check the BitcoinTalk services subforum. If I missed your favorite Bitcoin accepting service, let me know about it in the comments.

If you are a Bitcoin service provider and would like your store or service reviewed shoot me an email at cryptojunky at zoho dot com or contact me on BitMessage.