Top Places To Spend Your Bitcoin

Bitcoin AcceptedWhile it may have once been valid, today the claim that “you can’t buy anything with Bitcoin” simply isn’t true. While gambling and the silk road certainly helped Bitcoin get going, a far larger and more legal economy is beginning to emerge. Today you can purchase everything from a new computer to gold and silver, or even order a pizza. Heres a list of just a few of the places that accept Bitcoin.

Launched in late 2012 BitcoinStore is backed by and accepts only Bitcoin in exchange for Computer and Electronics equipment. Bitcoin Magazine recently published an in depth article about BitcoinStore and their competitive prices.

Bitcoinin features a wide variety of books available for purchase by Bitcoin. Their motto: “Bitcoin In, Stuff Out”. They just recently completed their beta and officially launched.

BitMit is a sort of online swap meet, garage sale, and auction house all mixed up into one. Basically you can list things for sale for Bitcoin, or purchase other people’s stuff for bitcoin.

Thats right, all you coffee junkies out there (myself included) can buy coffee with your Bitcoin. They currently offer four different beans in quarter pound sizes.

Buy gold with Bitcoin. That’s right, you can actually turn your Bitcoin into Gold or Silver.

The great pizza transaction is regarded as one of the first milestones for Bitcoin so it’s no surprise that you can now regularly purchase Pizza for Bitcoin. Current options are Dominos, Papa John’s, and Pizza Hut.

And I thought pizza was awesome, I can now buy cupcakes with Bitcoin too!

451 9th St, San Francisco

Still in beta, Japan bit offers gifts from Japan! They’ve got a pretty good selection going at the moment.

There are new ways to pay with Bitcoin popping up constantly. Between traditional merchant’s accepting Bitcoin and new merchants your options are expanding. Services like BitPay and CoinBase are allowing more merchants to accept Bitcoin and easily convert it into local fiat currency if required. For an exhaustive list of Bitcoin merchants check out the trade page of the Bitcoin wiki.

In an upcoming post I’ll cover online services that accept Bitcoin such as WordPress, Reddit, and Mega. I’ll also be putting together a list of places that you can work for Bitcoin. Yes, there are a growing number of people working for Bitcoin and having their salary paid in Bitcoin. If you’ve had an experience, good or bad, with any of these merchants please let us know about it in the comments!


A few Redditors pointed out a couple of places I’ve overlooked so I’ve added them above, Cups And Cakes Baker and JapanBit.

If you are a Bitcoin merchant and would like your store or service reviewed shoot me an email at cryptojunky at zoho dot com.