The Week In Bitcoin

Bitcoin ATMThis week has been a big one for Bitcoin with record highs versus the U.S. dollar, word of a new partnership between Mt Gox and CoinLab, and the official launch of Bitcoin Store. Not all news has been good news as Butterfly Labs still lags well behind schedule. Here are the top stories of the week.


Bitcoin Breaks All Time Price Record

Earlier this week it looked as though Bitcoin might just hover around $31 indefinitely but on Wednesday the price shot up. On Wednesday, ffter hitting a high of $33.20 the price fell back to the mid $32 range for awhile. However, at the time of this writing Bitcoin has climbed back up reaching for a new high, currently at $34.90. It seems that a combination of good news for Bitcoin and bad news in Washington may be fueling this long rally.

Partnership Between MtGox and CoinLab

Citing difficulties with US banking regulations, MtGox and CoinLab will be partnering up. CoinLab will be representing MtGox in the United States and Canada.

ATM For Bitcoin Makes Waves

People can’t get enough of this one. The Bitcoin ATM has real potential to bring Bitcoin into more physical stores and spread the currency. I’d love to get my hands on one of these.

Bitcoin Store Officially Launches

After a decent length beta Bitcoin Store officially launched this week. This comes just a week after Bitcoinin ended their beta and officially launched signaling growth in Bitcoin’s online retail sector.

ASICMiner Pays First Dividends

ASICMiner, who opted to produced ASICs solely for in house mining, has started paying dividends to its shareholders. They’re reported to have made 3860.41091438 BTC this week resulting in a payout of 0.02354413 Bitcoin per share.

Butterfly Labs Hasn’t Shipped

So maybe this doesn’t really qualify as news anymore. They have produced photos of their wafers along with an updated yet non-committal shipping timeline. Expect your ASICs to probably sorta maybe ship…a week from today…maybe. On the upside, BFL announced last night that the BFL test chips were working so maybe we will see some actual results next week.

Thats it for the top stories of the week. If you have a Bitcoin related story, tip or comment shoot us an email at CryptoJunky at zoho dot com.