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letstalkbitcoinIf you only have the time to check out one Bitcoin related news site or channel, I’d make it Let’s Talk Bitcoin. Don’t get me wrong, Bitcoin communities like BitcoinTalk and /r/Bitcoin are awesome. I often find myself lost for hours searching through different posts, finding out what’s going on with Bitcoin. Let’s Talk Bitcoin helps to eliminate the noise and offers quality discussion as to what’s going on with Bitcoin. What’s more is that because it’s available as a podcast, you can now catch up on Bitcoin during your commute, workout, or even at work.

About Let’s Talk Bitcoin

Let’s Talk Bitcoin is a radio show based out of California and run by Bitcoin enthusiast Adam B. Levine. Currently on episode 8, Let’s Talk Bitcoin is available through their site as well as via iTunes and Stitcher radio. The show covers recent news in Bitcoin yet also manages to get in depth with some of the issues Bitcoin is facing. Accompanying Adam on Let’s Talk Bitcoin are Stephanie Murphy¬†and Andreas Antonopolous. You can listen to Episode 8 – Our Bright Future below or at Let’s Talk Bitcoin. I’ve also included a brief synopsis of each segment.

Let’s Talk Bitcoin Episode 8 – Our Bright Future

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Taxes For Miners (00:00-14:16)

Adam, Stephanie and Andreas discuss the issue of taxes and Bitcoin. Andreas points out how mining can be considered earned income by the IRS. He also touches on how capital gains tax can apply to the appreciation of Bitcoin. Stephanie discusses how the lack of guidance from the IRS makes declaring Bitcoin on taxes unreasonably complicated.

It sounds like an awful lot of work to me to bend over backwards for regulations that don’t even yet exist.

Corporate Involvement For Good Or Evil – Bitcoin’s AOL Moment (14:30-35:25)

The hosts discuss the possibility of a larger corporation or business creating their own fork of Bitcoin and marketing that as the new currency. Political lobbying, such as a super pac for Bitcoin, is touched on as is the sentiment that Bitcoin should try and steer clear of politicians. The hosts also get into Satoshi dices recent ban of US ip addresses in fear of retroactive regulatory action.

Bitcoin Historical Context and Futures Market (35:50 – 49:00)

For this piece Adam sits down with long time trader and market observer Asif Punjwani. Asif gives background on the U.S. dollar touching on its effectual default in 1971 when France called on the US to redeem their money in Gold. They get into how this relates to Bitcoin and how crashes impact the Bitcoin market long term.

Gold does not appreciate or depreciate, it is the other currencies that appreciate or depreciate.

Bitcoin And Politics (51:00- 1:14:00)

For this piece the original hosts discuss a recent whitehouse.gov petition relating to Bitcoin. They also discuss the New Hampshire Free State Project which Stephanie had some involvement with. The current and future relationship between Bitcoin and the U.S. government is discussed.

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