Signholder Receives Over $24,000 In Bitcoin After QR Code Appears On ESPN

bitcoin-signEarlier today a Bitcoin newcomer reportedly received over 22 Bitcoin after holding up a sign with a Bitcoin QR code. In what is one of the most genius demonstrations of the cryptocurrency to date, the Bitcoin enthusiast created and displayed a sign that read “Hi Mom, send ” followed by the Bitcoin symbol. The user, who has thus far only been identified by his reddit username BitcoinPitcher2, had thought that someone might send him a bit as a gag, though the user wasn’t sure the QR code would even be scannable.

Fellow Bitcoin enthusiasts showed their support for the stunt by sending BitcoinPitcher2 over 22 Bitcoin. While the transactions first came in small amounts, the Bitcoin address soon saw transactions as large as 5 Bitcoin coming in from unknown addresses. With an exchange rate in excess of $1,000 USD the account quickly accumulated a large amount of money, well in excess of the Bitcoiner’s expectations. The details of the Bitcoin address can be viewed on


Redditor BitcoinPitcher2 offered to donate a majority of the Bitcoin early on. In several comments on the popular subreddit /r/bitcoin, BitcoinPitcher2 stated that the charitable group Sean’s Outpost would be receiving the lion’s share of the donated Bitcoin. Sean’s Outpost is a homeless shelter and outreach group located in Pensacola Florida that is largely supported through Bitcoin donations.

Final Amount

While the total amount of Bitcoin received at the address could very well increase still, it has roughly 22.35 Bitcoin in it at the time of this writing. With a current exchange rate of $1,090 USD/BTC on the Bitcoin exchange, the value of the received coins comes to $24,361.50 USD.

Create Your Own QR Code

Creating a QR code for a Bitcoin address is relatively simple. Nearly all Bitcoin wallet clients include some QR code functionality. For instance, the Coinbase mobile app allows for scanning of QR codes with your mobile device and most clients allow for QR code generation.

Since I still like to use the original Bitcoin-qt client I’ll cover creating a QR code with it here. Alternatively you could check out as their online wallets also support QR code generation and are quick and easy to setup. (If you’re entierly new to Bitcoin check out,, or our guide to Getting Started With Bitcoin)

1. First open up Bitcoin-qt then select the Receive Coins button.


2. You should now be at a screen listing your previously used Bitcoin addresses. If you’d like to use an entirely new address select the New Address button on the bottom left and give your new address a label (You’ll have to unlock your wallet if it is encrypted to create a new address).


3. Now select the address that you’d like to use by left clicking on it. Then navigate to the bottom of the client and press the Show QR Code button.


4. You can then save the QR code image and display it anywhere else you’d like, such as on a charitable site, blog, or maybe on a sign on ESPN college gameday.

One of the genius things about using Bitcoin QR codes is that you can show that QR code to anyone without worry. The QR Code is basically a visual representation of your Bitcoin public address that can easily be read by devices with QR code scanners. Unlike traditional bank accounts, where you would never share your account number on national television, Bitcoin public addresses are secure.

Bitcoin donation QR codes have been in use on many Bitcoin websites in the past. This may however be the first instance of a QR code being scanned and donated to via television. Whoever you are BitcoinPitcher2, well done!