Over the last several months the digital currency Terracoin has been steadily gaining a following. With the emergence of several Terracoin communities and more developers working on Terracoin projects I’ve decided to do a series of posts on using and mining Terracoin. What follows is an introduction to Terracoin and a guide on using the Terracoin client.

An Overview of Terracoin

Terracoin (abbreviated TRC) is a decentralized, person to person digital currency based on a protocol similar to Bitcoin, as laid out in Satoshi Nakomoto’s white paper. Unlike traditional currencies, Terracoin is run and maintained solely by the users on the network and is not dependent on a central entity. It is reliant on having an active group of users running the Terracoin client and an active group of miners who use computing power to process transactions. Terracoin was launched on October 26th, 2012 making it one of the youngest crypto currencies.

Terracoin was designed to be a finite currency with only 42 million Terracoins to be produced. Miners generate a ‘block’ of 20 Terracoins approximately every 2 minutes. The mining difficulty adjusts every 30 blocks or roughly every hour. It uses the SHA-256 hashing algorithm (Bitcoin’s hashing algorithm is double SHA-256). The block size will decrease at set increments until new coins are no longer generated.

Setting Up The Terracoin Client

To use Terracoin you need to first download and run the Terracoin client (Download the Windows client from Sourceforge). Once you have downloaded the client you’ll need to find the terracoin-qt.exe file in the Terracoin folder and run it. It will take at least a few minutes for the Terracoin client to download the blockchain and sync with the network. Things are fairly self-explanatory once you have the client up and running. Send Coins lets you send Terracoins to another user by entering in their address and the amount to send. Receive coins allows you to manage your addresses, copy them and allows other people to send you coins. Transactions is a ledger of all the coins you’ve sent and received to date. The address book allows you to manage a list of addresses and label them so you don’t have to reacquire an address every time you need to send someone coins.

Terracoin Wallet

Terracoin Wallet

Securing Your Wallet

The Terracoin client includes a basic encryption system that allows you to secure your wallet via a passphrase. I highly recommend that you encrypt your wallet to secure your coins. Make sure you have a method for recalling the password as you might not be able to recover your coins if you forget it.

Terracoin Wallet Encryption

Terracoin Wallet Encryption

Terracoin Wallet Passphrase

Terracoin Wallet Passphrase

Terracoin Communities

TerracoinTalk came online earlier this month and has a growing and active community. This is a good place to get your questions answered. The Alternate CryptoCurrencies board over at BitcoinTalk has a lot of good information on Terracoin as well. While it doesn’t have very many subscribers yet the Terracoin Subreddit has been up and running since November 2012. It has some good information as far as where to get more involved with Terracoin.


Terracoin Talk Forum

Terracoin Talk Forum

Get Terracoins

Post a comment with your feedback about this article or about Terracoin along with your TRC address and I’ll go ahead and send you 10 5 1 Terracoin (While supplies last). Also, There are a few members on TerracoinTalk and on BitcoinTalk that are acting as Terracoin Faucets to get new users started with the currency. If you’re interested in purchasing Terracoin they’re available through the virtual currency exchange Vircurex and are rumored to be trading on BTC-e.com shortly (I’ve suspended the coin giveaway indefinitely given the recent rise in price and difficulty).


We’ve put together our Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Mining Terracoin. Much of what is in there is applicable to Bitcoin as well.

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  1. Jim Says:

    Thought I’d check this out. So what is your though on these alternate currencies? As for the SHA256 method being different that bitcoins, does that mean ACIS wont work?


    I’m new to all this stuff, but it looks interesting to say the least.

  2. CryptoJunky Says:

    I think that the alternate crypto currencies could play an important role over the next couple of years. They offer a space to play around with protocols similar to Bitcoin without the risk of losing significant amounts of wealth. They also offer redundancy making the crypto currency market, and in a way Bitcoin, more resilient to possible attacks. If you wanted to take down the digital currency market then you’d have to contend not only with Bitcoin but with Litecoin, Terracoin, etc. Lastly they offer a place for newcomers to experiment with mining and development which is quickly becoming difficult with Bitcoin.

    As far as ASICs go, I don’t see a reason why they would not be able to mine Terracoin. With that said I haven’t had the time yet to delve deeply into the matter so there may be something that I’m missing. It’s tough to predict how this could impact Terracoin. On the one hand it may kill it, or open it up to attakcs. On the other it might allow Terracoin to follow Bitcoin’s technological advancements. If BFL ever ships I plan on testing a Jalapeno out on Terracoin to see if I can get it to work.

    Welcome to Terracoin!

  3. Jim Says:

    Thanks and thank you for the 10 TC. I’ve got GUIMiner up and running tool a Terracoin pool as I type this. So far, it looks to be almost the same at Bitcoin.

  4. CryptoJunky Says:

    It is very similar to Bitcoin. I’m trying solo mining at the moment (There’s a good tutorial on terracointalk). It’s nice to see whole coins coming in for a change, even if they aren’t valued very high at the moment.

  5. TRCM Says:

    Thanks for this tutorial. Of all the minor cryptocurrencies there are, Terracoin seems to have the brightest future. I’ve already joined a mining pool but I don’t get more than 0.5TRC per day with my seven-year-old computer. Solo mining isn’t for me… :p

    Can I has some Terracoins? 18zupUdn31RnGACjyLV5xPD6MyGzLcbrBK

    Thanks! :)

  6. CryptoJunky Says:

    I’ve sent you a few to get you started, enjoy!

  7. fory Says:

    I just discovered Terracoin and it’s kinda like the early days of bitcoin. Hopefully it becomes worth as much as bitcoin today! My address is 16nUPECkuy1LMrQkJN9kGRZxVN3kEAR5Ho – thanks!

  8. caona Says:

    Terracoin does look interesting and the more cryptocoins the better, however (call me a scrypt fanboy) I would prefer it to be differing enough from Bitcoin SHA256 so that the chance of getting flooded / owned by a few Bitcoin ASICs is negated.
    – caona

  9. bttse Says:

    gotta love the alt coins! yay reddit!


  10. ashiq Says:

    terracoin will suit bitcoins and litecoins well!


  11. Will Says:

    Looking for a wallet, I download the one above and it requires Micropuke’s unzip utility. And I won’t send money to MicroPuke.

    Where can I get a wallet?

  12. Cerch Says:

    Why do you think that TRC is going to be a major cryptocurrency in the future?
    I think also that caona has a point here.


  13. Rob Says:

    Just like the world has room for many different currencies….so does the internet.


  14. CryptoJunky Says:

    Coins sent!

  15. Brain Says:

    Just found out about TRC a few minutes ago. Thanks for the quick and helpful guide. I look forward to your guide on mining TRC. I’m currently mining BTC with guiminer (quite unprofitably I might add), so if you might include details on how one could use guiminger to mine TRC that would be great!


  16. CryptoJunky Says:

    Mining Terracoin is very similar to mining Bitcoin. All you have to do is to point guiminer at a different mining pool that supports Terracoin and change the port. I’d suggest Coinotron since it’s back up now Coinotron.com. Your settings should be something like this:

    Server: Other
    Host: Coinotron Port: 3335
    Username: YourUsername.worker Password: yourpassword

    The device will be the GPU that you wish to use. As far as extra flags go, they’re specific to your GPU and you mostly just need to play around with them. I’m putting together a full post on mining Terracoin that I’ll publish next week. Hope this helps in the meantime.

  17. Brain Says:

    That does help. Thank you! I’ll have to check that site out after work. More than likely I’ll stop mining BTC when I reach one full coin. Yes, 1. lol I’m using a gtx560ti running at around 142Mh/s. I had already purchased the card for gaming before I decided to start seriously looking into mining. I wish I had looked into it when I first thought of doing some mining a year ago. Live and learn. I still enjoy it, though, and want to play around with mining some alternative cryptocurrencies like TRC, LTC, etc…

    In your opinion, is TRC off to a good start?

  18. CryptoJunky Says:

    I do think TRC is off to a good start. The Terracoin developer is more or less anonymous, aside from updates on sourceforge and Terracoin.org. There was no premining of Terracoin, which is where a lot of attempted alternate currencies have failed and died.

    I think that the success of Terracoin will be largely dependent on its adoption over the next six to twelve months. Once ASICs are in full force, it will become much easier for someone to point a few ASICs at Terracoin for a 51% attack. While I love the low difficulty at the moment, eventually it will need more mining power to achieve long term success. However, ASICs could also benefit Terracoin. Terracoin is in a good position where it can benefit off of most of the advancements in Bitcoin. If no good solution is enacted for Bitcoin’s blockchain size limit, then Terracoin could become very useful, not to mention that it has faster confirmation times.

  19. Bert Says:

    I just started mining Terracoin thanks to your guide. I really appreciate your work.


  20. monument Says:

    I just started mining terracoins and your post was a good start for me into the world of terracoins. Quite curious where this will lead…


  21. Tenka Says:

    My favorite thing about Terracoin so far is that the wallet is taking so much less time to synchronize than my Bitcoin wallet did. I started reading about Terracoin because I saw it had the highest price on http://dustcoin.com/mining , after I spent days and nights reading about ASIC miners and how I should have invested in coins a couple years ago. Your introduction was a comfortable start, but I’ll have to read around a bit more in order to find out what I can do with these after I get them, it sounds like the most positive thing about Terracoins so far is them simply being another newer type of coin. (but I also like the name) I’m 91.78% up to date now, in one manner of speaking, so I’ll get to reading more about this. Thanks for the shiny intro.

  22. jeez Says:

    already downloaded the client, still figuring out how to cpu mine terracoin

    trc address:

  23. jeez Says:

    straight forward and informative

    trc address


  24. MrFiggles Says:

    I think new P2P currencies like this are an exciting opportunity, and a wonderful idea. That being said, how can Terracoin be expected to survive/flourish with a finite number of blocks available? What will hold any value to these TRC once they’ve all been mined?

    TRC: 1NsMrMFsja7yF8Rjm1yisbuPXX4oUmK9zd

  25. Bob Says:

    I am familiar with bitcoin but never heard of Terracoin until today. Had a read of this article and have now got the software installed.


  26. highandwired Says:

    All these crypto-currencies are so exciting. I’m definitely following the trend in these currencies.


  27. george Says:

    Just finished downloading the Terracoin client. I only have a laptop with on-board graphics so I’m not sure if I can use it to generate coins.

    Thanks in advance

  28. george Says:

    Wow that was fast :D

    Its says unconfirmed in the client (0 of 6 confirmations). Do I have to do something to confirm the transaction?

  29. CryptoJunky Says:

    It just so happens you made your comment when I was working on another article. As for the confirmations you don’t need to do anything. The Terracoin network requires six ‘blocks’ to be solved before a transaction is fully confirmed. Blocks are solved approximately every 2 minutes so this should take around 12 minutes. Welcome to Terracoin!

    As for mining with the laptop, I honestly haven’t tried using on-board graphics to mine Terracoin or Bitcoin but believe it is possible. Just be careful if you do, most laptops don’t have enough cooling for the heat that mining puts off. If you have a gaming laptop or desktop-esque media laptop you might be able to get away with it. I just published a pretty basic Guide To Terracoin Mining if you’re interested.

  30. ratinator Says:

    Downloading GUI miner and going to give it a try. This whole concept sounds interesting.


  31. Joro Says:

    It looks promising, hopefully it will follow bitcoins success and all these cryptocurrencies will go mainstream in the near future.


  32. Miguel Says:

    I’m already familiar with bitcoin, but it seems that it’s not worth it anymore for GPU miners. So it’s either TRC or LTC for me now.
    Who know’s maybe I’ll try mining both.


  33. Tenka Says:

    The first excitement of receiving coins is wearing off now. I’ve read about them a bit more in more places, and unlike the dustcoin comparison which told me they were worth even more than BTC, (may have misunderstood) the rest of the internet finds them pretty worthless. I wonder what I can do with them; a quick google search of Terracoin uses shows me a bunch of people like you who are giving them away. I suppose I can give them away.

  34. BobJones Says:

    Hey Tenka I’ll be happy to take any of those worthless terracoins off your hands :P


  35. Luska Says:

    I am in belief that will be in success, most because short confirm times with good secure factors still. not 10 minute as bitcoin so is loading very fast too.


  36. ltcmaster Says:


    Btw, I think this is good to have a backup for btc, especially since it’s down right now.. That is where the alt currencies come in. But there’s probably not going to be a lot of room for multiple alts. Even then, there would have to be a demand for it to be used for something, like how btc can be used to buy a lot of things anonymously.

  37. dust Says:

    >I’ve read about them a bit more in more places, and unlike the dustcoin comparison which told me they were worth even more than BTC, (may have misunderstood) the rest of the internet finds them pretty worthless.

    The “ratio” column of dustcoin.com/mining is comparing the value (in BTC) you would get by mining each coin compared to mining BTC itself, and is determined by comparing the difficulties and market prices. If a coin is listed as 200%, this means you would get roughly twice the BTC if you mined this coin and then immediately sold the proceeds for BTC at market prices instead of simply mining BTC. You will benefit if you mine the most profitable coins even if you do not sell them for BTC.

    It is true that there are very few places to use TRC, and I question their current value.

  38. JohnMichell Says:

    Looks good – with the current BTC hard-fork crisis I think that the future for TerraCoin looks Brighter!


  39. CryptoJunky Says:

    Terracoin is still a very young coin meaning that there are very few places that accept it and it has relatively low value. The current price of Terracoin is highly speculative about the future of the coin. Some people believe that the faster confirmation times will make it a better choice once it matures. Other people believe that Terracoin may be at least a partial solution to Bitcoin’s problem with the limitations of the block size. Also, some believe that Terracoin has no value and is simply a copy of Bitcoin.

    At this point no one can tell you whether or not Terracoin will be successful in the future. Personally I think Terracoin ‘could’ have some value, but I also like Litecoin. It also has large upside potential, meaning if it does take off those that mine it will be in a good position. Then again, so did a lot of coins that have since failed.

    Part of the reason I’ve included tutorials on Terracoin is because it offers newcomers to the crypto currencies a chance to play around with something Bitcoin-like without the risk of making mistakes and losing coins. I have upcoming tutorials on Litecoin and Bitcoin for those that want immediate value and less risk.

  40. CryptoJunky Says:

    NOTE: Payouts of coins in ‘getting started’ posts will be postponed for a few days. I’ll still pay out, just don’t expect your coin(s) immediately.

  41. Richard Williams Says:

    I’ve heard of LTC and TRC before, but haven’t paid much attention. After the BTC incident that just took place, maybe it is time to spread my digital coin investments accross all three.

    Thank you so much for helping me learn howto get started. I now have both the LTC and the TRC clents running on my desktop.

    Very nice and easy explaination!


  42. James McAllister Says:

    Looks very promising – I think that interest in all crypto-coins will become quite large in the near future.

    Good luck with this.


  43. marlena Says:

    I’m just starting out with terracoins. I think they’re still a gamble right now, but hey aren’t all the crypto-currencies?


  44. Martin Says:

    bitcoin doesn’t have to be the only cryptocurrency, litecoin, terracoin etc. have their part to play and in any event are convertible between them I don’t see why terracoin would not work. Bitcoin’s popularity will only help the other cryptocurrencies. I’m trying to set up solo mining now :)


  45. CryptoJunky Says:


    Terracointalk.org has a pretty good tutorial on solo mining with CGminer if you’re interested or need some help.

  46. smileyman Says:

    I’ve been looking at alt currencies and I think terracoin will compete with bitcoin eventually.


  47. Samuel Says:

    Do you think people will start mining terracoin with ASICs? I hope that doesn’t happen soon I wanna mine them a bit 1st :)


  48. shlomo Says:

    So far terracoin doesn’t even compare to litecoin. Check out this trends graph http://www.google.ca/trends/explore#q=namecoin%2C%20terracoin%2C%20litecoin&date=today%2012-m&cmpt=q. You can see that it doesn’t even get on there. I think if more people start mining it in a few months maybe it will be more popular.


  49. Quick Silver Says:

    I got solo-mining set up for an hour now, but I didn’t get anything so far. Maybe I’m doing something wrong???


  50. pete udahl Says:

    That google trend graph is pretty interesting I didn’t know you could do that. You gotta remember that terracoin is really new so you cant compare it to those other coins that have been around for a while now. I’d say to give it at least another 6 months.



  51. Kane Says:

    Just getting onto this stuff, really confusing..


    All help appreciated! in advance!

  52. Mr.noobs Says:

    I don’t think that this currency will take its place on market ’till any specific usage will be determined. But I do belive that it worth to play with it!

  53. Big Al Says:

    I have just started to get into these alternative currencies but I think I am a bit too late to mine Bitcoins so have decided to start with Terracoins I can not see any info on solo mining, apart from one bit on using GuiMiner but it says to join a pool. All solo settings on the downloaded program just show Bitcoin.
    Any help on this appreciated. And yes I know solo mining is probably not the best option but I want to do it anyway.
    I have just started to take Bitcoins as payment on my website but will add Terracoins now.


  54. CryptoJunky Says:

    There is a pretty good post over at http://terracointalk.org that covers solo mining. It doesn’t use GUIminer but rather cgminer, though you could use GUiminer if you wanted.


    I still solo mine at times on my 7970 and see a block or two a day, dependent on the difficulty of course. I think solo mining is definitely still a viable option, especially if you have significant hashing power. Terracoin doesn’t have very many mining pools, especially since BitcoinReactor went down.

  55. hoffman Says:

    Pretty useless if you ask me. They should call it nerd coin. you would be better off using monopoly money as a currency.

  56. CryptoJunky Says:


    Terracoin offers a space to try things with a protocol similar to Bitcoin’s that might otherwise be too dangerous or risky. Unlike the Bitcoin test net it has an active user base involved in developing services specifically for it. A prime example would be the colored Terracoins being developed now.

  57. dhanya Says:

    awesome read. thanks.


  58. Wave Pax Says:

    Nice article. Some noob questions

    Does the blockchain download have to fully complete before being able to see terracoin transactions in Terracoin Wallet? Could you post an article showing how to anonymize a terracoin transaction?

    I notice that under the network options of the Terracoin Wallet program, it has “Map port using UPnP’ checked on. I have UPnP turned off on my router. Will Terracoin Wallet work OK with this option unchecked? The wallet is currently 75% done with the blockchain download. I notice that this program has 9 remote TCP connections established now. How many does it normally have established?

    Would appreciate the terracoin


  59. Shaun Says:

    Great Read. Very Interesting. Thanks.


  60. Wave Pax Says:

    Nice! Received the terracoin. Thanks.

  61. snouf Says:

    Will Terracoin be as promising as Bitcoin ?
    Who knows ?



  62. jststw01 Says:

    It’ll be nice mining something for a change :)

    Thanks for the article.


  63. Milton Says:

    awesome. could be the next hot potato!


  64. Latkje Says:

    Always nice to hear about a new crypto-currency.


  65. NinjaBoffin Says:

    Thanks again for this post!
    But is it actually worth it mining for this?
    Whats the best currency to mine for in the present?


  66. close encounter Says:

    NIce read and site thanks for the info and my first Terracoin. I’ve got alot to learn and need all the help I can, much appreciated!


  67. 49er Says:

    Thanks for the write-up. I was actually looking for info on Litecoin and instead was introduced to Terracoin.


  68. Mr Me awh gee Says:

    Thanks for the post, just downloaded the Terracoin wallet to use with your help.


  69. Peter Says:

    Terracoin seems interesting. Thanks!


  70. Bicknellski Says:

    19pVEEyd5ZUVkNdL6WDbLuTNbNBHUfozNi Tear-ra me a new one.

  71. snow824835 Says:


  72. Fandude Says:

    18NWxy5nLzmFxSihcFbMRQBrLsWJLGjokK just joined

  73. konto77 Says:

    May I please have some Terracoin :)
    And thank you for these guides, they’re very helpful for us noobs.


  74. weisoq Says:

    Thanks for the info, although can’t get mining to work via guiminer (possibly an nvidia issue). If anyone knows of sites selling in uk be great if you could list them.

    1QGKCzRWPwFuWMjaZgZBAEKEQUq4CH7Bkv if you’re still doing starter handouts?

  75. Kurt Says:

    Interesting thanks you

  76. steeeeee Says:

    Why not try both? its worth a shot


  77. Daniel Says:

    This is a great tutorial! I am an absolute beginner, and this was extremely helpful.



  78. infebious Says:

    Thanks for the information on TRC – I’ve been mining on Coinotron for a couple weeks now using my GPU. I have a preordered BFL ASIC and they supposedly have begun to ship, I will see if I can get it to mine TRC when I receive it and let you know how that goes.

    Here is my TRC address for the freebie, thanks!

  79. Michael Says:

    Thanks for this, started researching litecoins today and then found out about terracoins on this site. The client syncs much quicker than the litecoin client which is nice.

    My address is 16dcYDF8xSQ6WLWSzuck9SjRoz2EDaJj3Q if you’re still feeling generous. Thank you.

  80. nofear Says:

    Running it under Wine.
    Even if I doubt it will ever catch up with bitcoin, I do like more the name Terracoin than any other.
    Unfortunately guiminer doesn’t work under Wine for me. it crash when clicking “start mining”.

    TRC: 137s18vEpkuwPgKwcdC77VC4WxpbTz1orq

  81. Ein Says:

    Thanks for info!
    Very interesting stuff, im wondering if for TRC mining i need such good PC as for BTC mining.
    My adress is


    Thank you

  82. weirdrat Says:

    hi, I am new to it and still struggling with the miner – downloaded it correctly, everything ok – but TRC do not show up, just the basic settings … but I made it to open a wallet and get an address: 1PpAZJsCDTsfWpnjBwM2e3Xz7qLprMqyKb
    would really love to receive my first one and to be motivated to get my miner working
    thanks for your efforts, you made a rat happy ;-)

  83. TerraMiner Says:

    Totally agree with Big Al. I am far behind for Bitcoins so I`ve just started using my GPU to mine Terracoins. Will add another GPU unit soon as it seems that the virtual currencies begin to catch up to public. Will trash fiat money!? :D
    Thanks for the free offer and this site that had got me started: 1DvKEe4BQvovkPs34NgojrC71v7qyBSBh8

  84. raf Says:

    hello, thank you very much for the guide and for the other guide about mining. well done!



    thanks again

  85. On3Sarge Says:

    I really love the marketing name of the coin :D . Will it become the next step in currencies? Btw how do I restore my Terracoin wallet? (I`m new to this) – backup I have :) .
    Thank you.

    My wallet 1DvKEe4BQvovkPs34NgojrC71v7qyBSBh8 :D

  86. shifty Says:

    I’m a little confused on the actual wallet part.
    If anyone could clarify:
    1. Does the litecoin qt program itself generate the wallet “code” or is that generated elsewhere.
    2. assuming 1 is true, how do you input the walled code into the litecoin qt program?

    I’m seriously new to this, so any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for the great guide.


  87. Tony Says:

    Thank you for this guide and the mining guide too. I’ve read both of them.
    I’m trying to mine terracoins, but Cgminer doesn’t work in my computer. I’ll try with Guiminer too.

  88. Tony Says:

    Sorry I forgot to write my Terracoin Address. I’ll be happy to get my first terracoin from you, if u still have them for present.


  89. Willy Says:

    Hi !

    Super instructional stuff you have provided. Thank you!

    Your TRC is more than welcome at:

  90. Swissminer Says:

    TRC is much more lucrative to mine at the moment than BTC

    Shame I missed to invest in TRC and PPC :-(


  91. voseexassergy Says:

    BitCoin Prices already dropped from $145 USD to $112.00 USD so far Today,
    for inside on the BitCoin market visit – http://btcinvestment.org

  92. CryptoJunky Says:

    I’m suspending the Terracoin faucet indefinitely as the difficulty and price has risen so quickly. Coins have been sent out to all new users that have posted thus far. You’re more than welcome to continue to comment if you’re a new user as others may still be willing to help you out a bit.

  93. minefrenzy123 Says:

    Great info. can’t wait start mining.

  94. Edward Says:

    Hi,About bitcoin Plus, can we rcieeve payout without client?I know that bitcoin wallet provided by instawallet doesn’t allow receiving payouts for generation!If I have to have bitcoin client install and entering my instawallet on website, I hope client will sent payout to a instawallet wallet without using wallets created by client?Regards

  95. Goldminer Says:

    Missed out on the bitcoin revolution. Going to give this one a go.

    Anyone care to start me off.


    Thanks in advance

  96. Rob Says:

    My first TRC address, having issues downloading the blockchain sync, but I’ll keep at it. Can’t wait for the clients that won’t need to do that.

    In the meantime please send a few coins this way.



  97. Andrew Says:

    Hi, thx for a guide. Just trying to mine my first coins. Waiting for your coins :)

  98. Terracoin Price Recovering Following Technical Problems Says:

    […] you’re interested in learning more about TRC you can check out our Getting Started With Terracoin article or our Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Terracoin […]

  99. Joey Says:

    Hi, I’m interested in digital currencies for a week (BTC first) and I just came upon terracoin, after trying with LTC and PPC.
    If you could send me some coins to try the system :)

  100. marketpoll Says:

    terracoin will suit bitcoins and litecoins well!


  101. myweblife Says:

    Great info. can’t wait start mining.
    my TRC Address is :

  102. tryofgold Says:

    good lucky
    My address is

    feeling generous. Thank you.

  103. tryofgold Says:

    Thanks and thank you for the 10 TC.
    but I have no way to get more,can anyone help me

  104. tryofgold Says:


  105. CryptoJunky Says:

    If you have a desktop PC with a decent graphics card you can always try mining:


  106. yichen_lin Says:

    oh,maybe I can get some TRC

  107. berkman Says:

    TRC maybe the next BTC,Just trying to mine my first coins. Waiting for your coins :)


  108. toginvest Says:

    already downloaded the client,just trying to mine my first coins. Waiting for your coins

  109. P2P Says:

    Where can you get the vallet for MAC?

  110. dede Says:

    im still new here,and just done download,,now im still syncronizing,i hope you can send me step by step tutor how to minning terracoin,,can i use dual core laptop with only 1,5 RAM,,hehh i thing it to hard? how i can get many coin here

  111. Mark Cockburn Says:


    New to this, waiting for client to update (52 weeks behind!)

    Would love some coins



  112. NewCryptoUser Says:

    Can’t mining :( but give me some coin to start this amazing project !
    Terracoinqt :

  113. m2k1 Says:

    Great article new to crypto currency


  114. Michael Goh Says:

    Great article


  115. Kit Says:

    Sorry I’m late to be leaving comments and questions, and even more sorry that my question is a dumb one, but I can’t see the answer so I need to ask: How would I log in to my terracoin account from a different computer than the one I set it up on? Would I need to install the backup of my wallet? Or would I just be able to install the client on any machine and log in with my encrypted passphrase thing? Sorry for being such a noob, but I am trying my best. I managed to set up an acct and am trying to buy some terracoins now, but I just don’t really understand how I’d access it from another computer.

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

  116. CryptoJunky Says:

    Well you can’t really access your terracoin wallet like you would an online account. I suppose you could import the keys from your wallet.dat file to another installation of the Terracoin client and access it that way. Just entering the encrypted passphrase will not get your access to your coins on another installation of Terracoin-qt.

    Personally I keep several wallets and send coins between them.


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