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Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Digging Dogecoin With A CPU

Posted by CryptoJunky on January 11, 2014

wow_much_coinSo you’ve heard about this whole Dogecoin phenomenon and want to get your paws on some. If so then you’ve come to the right place because that’s exactly what we’re looking to help you do! For those completely new to DOGE, and possibly other cryptocurrencies, Dogecoin is a fun cryptocurrency that can be used to transact online. At the moment it’s mostly used to tip people on sites like Reddit though there are some merchants starting to accept it. If you don’t yet have a Dogecoin wallet and need a full primer I suggest you check out our guide to Getting Started With Dogecoin. (more…)

Getting Started With Dogecoin

Posted by CryptoJunky on December 19, 2013

DogecoinOver the past year well over a hundred new cryptocurrencies have formed, each vying for a place alongside Bitcoin. Yet none have done so with the speed and ferocity that we’ve seen over the last few days from the unexpected newcomer Dogecoin. While part of its meteoric rise may have been due to a comedic push by 4chan, there is now little denying Dogecoin has found a niche with cryptocurrency enthusiasts. In the wake of an otherwise tumultuous week for cryptocurrencies, the lightheartedness of the Dogecoin community is both entertaining and uplifting. As such I’ve put together a guide on getting started with Dogecoin. (more…)