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Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Terracoin Mining

Posted by CryptoJunky on

TerracoinSo you’ve heard of mining before but haven’t yet taken the time to get acquainted with what it is or how to do it. The following is a very basic guide on how to use your computer’s GPU to mine Terracoin. Terracoin is a relatively new crypto currency based off of Bitcoin but has a much lower difficulty rating, making it an ideal coin for beginners. If you don’t yet have a Terracoin wallet I suggest that you either follow our tutorial on getting started with Terracoin or head over to Terrawallet and setup an account. Much of the material covered here is also applicable to Bitcoin as they use the same algorithm. (more…)

Setting Up And Using Bitmessage – An Encrypted Communications Platform Based On Bitcoin

Posted by CryptoJunky on March 9, 2013

Bit MessageI’ve just finished reading the Bitmessage white paper by Jonathan Warren and must say I find myself inspired. BitMessage is the decentralized peer to peer communication system that uses basic encryption to keep both sender and receiver anonymous, if they choose. While Bitmessage is still very new, it is a potential game changer when it comes to secure communications. Living in a time where large data centers that can store all our private communications are a reality, BitMessage provides a degree of resistance. Here’s an overview of BitMessage as well as a quick tutorial on setting up the client. (more…)

Big Leaps For Bitcoin – The Week In Review

Posted by CryptoJunky on March 8, 2013

NameCheapBitcoin had another huge week as adoption continues both by new users and by new merchants. Fueled in part by exposure from Kim Dotcom and NameCheap’s announcement Bitcoin rallied to a new all time high of just over $49. Following huge gains Tuesday night, Bitcoin saw massive oscillation in the price bounding between $49 and $33 on Wednesday. New services and merchants continue to emerge, attracting new users to the digital currency. Here are the top stories in Bitcoin this week. (more…)

Coinotron Mining Pool Back Online Following Prolonged DDOS Attack

Posted by CryptoJunky on March 6, 2013

CoinotronAfter having been down for over two weeks the multi-coin mining pool Coinotron is back online. Coinotron went down following a prolonged DDOS attack (Distributed Denial Of Service). The attack is thought to have been related to the pool’s adoption of Novacoin. Novacoin is a relatively new crypto currency that has been accused of being a scam. Here’s a quick synopsis of Coinotron and Novacoin. (more…)

Bitcoin Reaches Half Billion Dollar Market Capitalization

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Over the last several hours the online digital currency Bitcoin has experienced a sharp increase in value relative to the US Dollar. With the cost per Bitcoin currently hovering at around $46.63 (USD) the currency is reaching unknown territory. (more…)

Getting Started With Litecoin

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LitecoinLitecoin has been making some big gains in the last week holding steady at around 16 cents (USD) per Litecoin. This surge in price and rumors of some big upcoming announcements for Litecoin mean that Bitcoin’s little brother is finally growing up. If you’re not yet familiar with Litecoin now might be the time to get acquainted. Here’s how to get started using Litecoin.

Amazon Purchases With Bitcoin – A Review Of

Posted by CryptoJunky on March 5, 2013

AmazonNOTE: At the request of AmazonBitcoins has shut down. I’ll keep this post up as a reference to how the service worked when it was up and running.

You can pay for your Amazon order with MasterCard, Visa, and now…Bitcoin! To be clear Amazon has made no announcement that they’ll be directly accepting Bitcoin. Rather, two engineers out of San Francisco have put together a service that allows you to purchase Amazon gift cards with Bitcoin. While online retailers such as Bitcoinin and Bitcoin Store have done a lot to open up online retail to Bitcoin, Amazon opens up a whole different world. I decided to go ahead and test the service recently. Here’s my experience. (more…)

The Week In Bitcoin

Posted by CryptoJunky on March 1, 2013

Bitcoin ATMThis week has been a big one for Bitcoin with record highs versus the U.S. dollar, word of a new partnership between Mt Gox and CoinLab, and the official launch of Bitcoin Store. Not all news has been good news as Butterfly Labs still lags well behind schedule. Here are the top stories of the week.